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Top Quality Crane Service In and Around Minneapolis, Minnesota!

If you're in charge of a large-scale project that needs some heavy-duty lifting, why not check out our monstrous 550-ton capacity crane?  We own one of only three 550 ton mobile cranes in the state, providing expert crane lifting and other services to businesses across the local area.  Our highly skilled and experienced operatives will coax the crane into the precise position needed for safe, successful lifting.  No matter how tough or challenging the job might be, you can depend on our team to get it done properly.



Safe Crane Lifting for Extreme Loads


We specialize in lifting large, challenging loads where meticulous planning and detailed risk assessment are essential to success.  All our operatives are NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) certified and have plenty of experience in handling our machinery.  We will work with you to plan the lift in detail, ensuring that there is an as little margin for error as possible.



Crane Lifting Suitable for a Wide Range of Sectors


Whether it be construction, heavy hauling, civil engineering, tower maintenance, and more, our crane has the capacity to lift items which lesser machines simply can't.  If you're struggling with a complex project and have not previously considered a crane as part of the solution, why not give us a call and see what we can do?  Because our crane has the enormous capacity (far more than most), we can often provide innovative answers to challenging situations.



Professional Crane Services for Minneapolis, Minnesota


We are committed to providing all our customers with a high-grade, competent and thorough service which gets every job completed on time and within the agreed budget.  We understand the constraints which site managers and project developers face and will always do our utmost to provide the excellent results your operation deserves.  To find out more about what we can provide, or discuss your project with our helpful staff, call us at (763) 757-7191.

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